Video: My Bike Takes Me To Amazing Places! by McTrail rider


It is always amazing to feel when things click. Andrew and I really connected on our first ride together. So on his last day in Ainsa we went on another bike ride. We explored the El Confesionario trail also know as the ride to the pussy of the world/ El coco del mundo. This trail was new for the both of us.

Of course Andrew filmed it all and he threw in some amazing drone footage of Morcat and the Confesionario as well. Enjoy watching!

Andrew and his girlfriend Alix are having tons of fun on their Vloggers journey around Europe and they can always use some support in terms of your subscription to the McTrail Rider YouTube channel a follow on Andrew his Instagram or Strava. Or if you want to see them continue the journey forever or at least the next couple of years and have create awesome & honest mountain bike content. Sign up for the McTrail Rider Patreon or do a PayPal Donations.

Author: Jeroen Spoelstra
Pictures: McTrail Rider
Movie: McTrail Rider

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