The 3 best mountain bike trails for beginners in Zona Zero

In Zona Zero there is something for every mountain biker, but which mountain bike trail do you choose? Mountain biking is all about having a great time on the bike and getting challenged along the way. But that challenge should’t be to overwhelming. Otherwise a mountain bike adventure easily turns into a misadventure. 

Which trails can you ride in Zona Zero when you are new to Enduro mountain biking? Zona Zero has a map with ZZ Light trails. The map contains 6 trails varying from family trails over dirt roads to pretty difficult. You can find some of the easier trails on the normal big Zona Zero map with 20 Enduro trails. They probably made the big map before the Light version.


I personally selected 3 trails for you (if you are a beginner) in Enduro mountain biking. They are fun, challenging enough and they have great views. As I mentioned before you’ll find easier trails, but these 3 trails give you a good start in your Enduro career.

Ruta El Bosque de Banastón ZZ-013 - 18 KM - 532 meters of climbing

This 18 km long trail has you explore the Banaston forest just east of Ainsa. The climbs are pretty steep but the two main descents are perfect for when you are new to enduro riding. The first descent is gradual and has plenty of flow. The second descent is more steep but straight forward. You will find some rock slabs along the way down but nothing serious. After s short loop in the Bosque de Usana the final rocky descent brings you back to Ainsa. Don’t forget to have a look in Usana while you are there. This beautiful village and its tunnels is a must stop :) .

Here you find the online maps and profile of trail ZZ-013

Ruta Aínsa y Boltaña ZL-003 - 18.7 km - 370 meters of climbing

This trail has one big climb and one beautiful descent. After you ride up to the old town your climb your way up the Cocullón. From there you steer your mountain bike down a really nice descent towards Ainsa.

The downhill starts in the forest with some nice flow. After a steep narrow shoot the trail opens up. Now the the dirt changes into rock. Loose rock, fixed rock, rock-slabs, step downs, rocky stairs all the way down to Boltaña. I love this part of the trail. It is challenging and doable for someone how is new to Enduro riding, and it is challenging for the experienced rider when you speed up. Reminder, your bike can do it, so you can do it.


After you descended into Boltaña the excitement of the trail is done. You can either follow the signs back to Ainsa along side the river Ara. Or if you want more? Take the variante and bike up to the tower of Guaso. From there you can pick up the ZZ-009 that will have you follow a nice rocky singletrack down back to Ainsa and you will be able to practice some switchbacks along the way down. Enjoy!

Here you find the online maps and profile of trail ZL-003

Ruta del Arraclán ZZ-019 - 23 km - 671 meters of climbing

The Arraclán trail starts in Camporrotuno which is 8 km outside of Ainsa. But it is worth the drive with the car. This trail is the most challenging of the 3 trails. It is more physical and technical then the other two.

This one of my favorite Zona Zero trails. It has everything you can ask from a good trail. To me it is not particularly difficult, but I don’t always ride on my maximum of capabilities. It is a good day on the bike with stunning views! Most of the trail is single track. Make sure you stop at an abandoned village called Linés and have a look around. The views on the big balconies are jaw dropping, but make sure you don’t look down too much.

This is Alix's first taste of riding Spain and I think it was bitter/sweet tbh. This route was way above her skill level but somehow she completed it with very few complaints. We have since found some easier routes than this one.

After a really nice and flowy descent towards Castéjon the most challenging part is yet to come. A steep single track climb up to a little church. This last descent that follows will test your Enduro skills. How well do you handle your mountain bike? Some rocky singletrack, some switchbacks and a couple of steep shoots. And then a final stretch of dirt road and your back to Camporrotuno. 

Arno enjoying the big shoot of the Arraclan trail.

Arno enjoying the big shoot of the Arraclan trail.

Here you find the online maps and profile of trail ZZ-019

Congratulations. You just finished your first Enduro trails in Zona Zero! When you have finished these trails, you are ready for some more spicy stuff. 

Author: Jeroen Spoelstra
Pictures: Jeroen Spoelstra & Sanne Willemsen

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